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Music Pavilion



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❤️Same specs as Arcade, and uses Arcade Drum Pad!❤️
❤️Easy to install, tools included and installation will only took you 5 minutes❤️ 

✅Reddit: Review By Megumiku
✅Reddit: Comparison By Donders
✅Reddit: Review By Zaffle
✅Seasky(The first Tatsujin in overseas) trying ZhongTaiko:YouTube
✅Introduction Video✅
💯Using Iron Plates: More Bouncy, Deeper Hitting Sounds & Nice Feeling!💯

✅Multi-Platforms: Switch, PC
✅Adjustable Sensitivity!
✅You can easily set keybinds.
✅We have a Setting GUI and Instructions all comes in English.
🔰Same size and thickness like Arcade.
🔰Uses Iron Plates just like Arcade!
🔰Iron Plates: More Bouncy and feels better.
🔰Made with same specs as Arcade.
🔰Uses Arcade Rubber Pad.

We'll test everything before sending them out.
If items got problem, we'll discuss about the costs.
We only provide paid-service if you break the item.(Shipping Excluded)
Thanks for reading (。´∀`)ノ―⊂ZZZ⊃

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